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Friday, 18 March 2011

Tribute to There its been a whole year

Hello friends! Its been a year since there closed down! It was like the world ended for us all.
Here is some Videos from what i filmed back then before there closed.
Please enjoy:

Bellow is a video of My Last Day on  and reflects on memories from when i was a noob.

This next video was filmed at Coke metro When it was new! reflecting on the coke theme and its words! and how they really did give us a world!

This next video was made to go with a friends song! The singer is a Busker in real life! but figured that her words went well with my video.:

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The end of There world

For many years as been my 2nd home.

Its a online world of great people! People party and play games and share there differences and in some cases people have virtual mums and dads! Or people to look up to when the real world around them crumbles and decays. as allowed for us to defy gravity and do crazy things! and in allot of cases this has been a life line to disabled people! It brought together people who got to know a person inside before judging by looks alone.

I do hope will some how make a come back in the future!

Because to all long time serving Thereians! Losing is like the end of the world.

Its massively emotional to me and everybody will sure have tears to shed over the next few days! Avie's to people have almost become so comforting! as a day to day thing.

Stories are told and real people share their words of wisdom and reaching out! Great memories of virtual weddings! parties and disco's and people just sharing their real life experiences in a world that's about to be no more.

It's like a whole world of people are about to die!

The feeling most people will be feeling right now! is the curtain gut feeling that the end is neigh and there is no changing it. It really feels like the end of the world! Its almost like a Simulation of what it would be like to be told that the world will end in 7 days.

Maybe there closing may signal a ripple effect as they blame it on the recession.

If that can destroy a Virtual world! Does this mean the recession may damage the Internet even more and then effect our lives in real life?

Take care all my friends at

Your old pal FantasyMan

Lets do the biggest FantasyFall stunt ever! and do our final show.

look it up on youtube.

Friday, 11 July 2008

FantasyFall for all

The Return of the FantasyFall club!
The club is about to be better than ever.

so log on and book your FantasyFall training lessons with me FantasyMan or look at the club for a link to a training video.

Have fun

Friday, 4 July 2008

New Range of pictures for there

This is a start of something really wonderful.
As i start to create a wonderful collection of Photo masterpieces.
I call this one Dolphin Friendly.
It can be found in the Auctions on By FantasyMan

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Dr who. Searching for reality

Created by FantasyMan just for fun. This is a Sample of whats to come.

Dogems Bumpy Cars new Friends

It is a wonderful way to make new friends whilst having tons of fun.
Come down to the fair to day and absorb the Virtual Sun.
Drive a around and bashing away.
Into to a noob as he flies onto a bay.
Say you hello's and say your byes.
As the virtual clouds glide by in the virtual skies.
Anyway every body come down and lets have fun.